The Droplet Series


The Droplet Series

The Droplet Series is a set of collaborations with artists of different disciplines that focus on nurturing artistic projects at conception. The Droplets take place over a short period of time, are intentionally diverse in content and style, and serve both as a completed project and a starting point for future collaboration. The goal of each is to explore and refine the process of artistic invention.


Droplet #1

with Kilo V. Martin


Droplet #1 - with Kilo V. Martin

Kilo V. Martin is a Philadelphia-based dancer and choreographer. Inspired by his Great Grandfather's history working on the Penn Central Transportation Company railroad, we are creating a visual and sonic language rooted in the physical landscape of the rails and the music of the various cultures that met there. The collaboration will culminate in a short film that captures this language and serves as a starting point for more in-depth exploration of his family's story.

Droplet #2

WIth Paige Miller


Droplet #2 - with Paige Miller

Paige Miller is a Philadelphia-based visual artist, sculptor, and creator of self-propelling machines. Our collaboration explores the intersection between sculpture, narrative, and music.


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